About Our Online Store

Timsit Cosmetics started to work with CBD products made from hemp around 5 years ago from the wrong reason, sickness within the family. One of our loved ones got a life-threatening disease – cancer.

Since there is no real cure for cancer, we started to look for a solution and discovered the wonders of the hemp CBD and Cannabis plants. Using the research of pioneers, we started to get CBD Cannabis to treat the illness. To everybody’s surprise – it worked! Cancer got smaller and our loved one got stronger. The rumor has spread and other sick people came to look for help.

We started to get medical treatment based on Hemp CBD and Cannabis to more and more people and the feedback was amazing. Since Cannabis is not legal but medical Cannabis started to gain popularity also within the medical communities, we turned our life saving work into a business.

Nowadays, more and more countries promote hemp CBD, in the UK it was declared as supplement. It is completely legal to deliver via post the products and we are proud to offer you our services. We work only with the best suppliers, covered by lab results for each product and quality assurance. Timsit cosmetics can assure you with 100% highest quality CBD products!