CBD Oil for Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis disease is painful and recent studies indicate that CBD can help.

Pain doctors around the world started to offer their client CBD products for their relief. Studies show that in different cases of Arthritis, CBD improved patient’s pain and was able to help them sleeping.

There are several recommendations for using CBD:

  • Use only low doses. Low amounts showed the best result for pain relief.
  • Use the CBD in the beginning only at night and slowly increase your dose if required.
  • This is for young users that are 25 years old or less. Beware of the other Cannabis compound – THC, know that you are in a high risk to develop addiction and in the worst cases also psychosis.
  • CBD products should be consumed twice a day 5-10 mg. If you feel that it is not helping – increase the dosage slowly. You can reach up to 50-100 mg per day but do not use more.
  • CBD that served with food, usually last longer than vaping. Prior to the consumption of edibles (such as brownies for example), know what dose is working for you.
  • There are stronger products that contain small amounts of THC as well. They are tested and found to be more effective, use them only with the advice of your doctor.