Full Spectrum CBD

A study from Brazil indicates that CBD oil that is extracted from Cannabis species that have high CBD levels together with all other Cannabinoids and other parts of the plant, in more effective treatment for Epilepsy compare to CBD oil that included only CBD molecule.

The American FDA approved last year a medicine made from Cannabis called Epidiolex. The medicine has 99% pure CBD and developed in order to treat hard cases of Epilepsy.

A new study shows that CBS oil from Cannabis species that includes other cannabinoids (without the THC) is more effective.

This kind of oil is called Full Spectrum and creates the Entourage Effect – influence of all components of the plant – dozens or cannabinoids and other useful ingredients altogether.

Studies that were published in the Frontiers shows that the Full Spectrum oil manage to reduce the number of epileptic seizures also in very hard cases.

In various studies 80% of the patients indicated about improvement in their situation.

71% of the patients indicated that the oil helped compare to 36% that were treated with regular CBD oil. Patients that had full spectrum CBD needed smaller dosage and they side affects were reduced.

The researchers said that the synergy between the CBD and other ingredients seemed to cause the difference but further study should be taken.